Vector Marcoms

With over twenty years in journalism and public relations, Vector Marcoms brings the experience and skills of major London agencies within the reach of businesses that are looking for a cost effective, results driven route to their public relations and marketing strategies with a local touch!

We specialise in the 3 key areas:

PR and media relations management in consumer and B2B sectors Website copy writing Copywriting for all types of press and promotional materials

Not sure what PR can do for you? We regularly deliver at least a 10:1 return for our clients on the PR budget spent and the amount of editorial coverage they receive had that budget been spent on advertising.- and we all know that editorial is far more influential with readers than advertising. So for an average £500 per month spend we aim to achieve £5000 worth of editorial space - and now more than ever, companies need proactive brand and product promotion to give them that competitive edge with their customers, whether they are consumers or B2B end users.

You don't have to outspend the competition - just outsmart them!

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